When a lock won’t do. Bike sheds in Perth.

My bike was stolen earlier this year. After reporting it to the police, I was lucky enough to track it down via an online sales site, getting it back following a high-octane police sting. Six officers, a schematic of the street, handcuffs, the lot. But preventing bike theft with secure bike storage is a far safer option for protecting your two-wheeled wonder.

Bike theft in Perth is common. Before getting ‘Bessy Bluebike’ back, a friend of mine sent me a link to a police auction. Here, 247 bicycles were going under the hammer. Apparently, these auctions happen so often that many entrepreneurs attend purely to restock and resell the items online. Despite their size, even motorcycles aren’t safe.

So, how do you protect your bike or motorcycle from the coveting eyes of thieves? Even the best bike lock won’t do it. Many peddle-pinchers work in organised groups, using portable angle grinders on locks before transporting bikes away on trucks or trailers.

Your best option for bike storage at home and work is a bike shed. You’ll be hiding the prize from sight (especially important at night) and reducing the chance of an opportunistic theft. Plus, a lockable bike shelter protects your bike from the elements, meaning you’ll need less frequent servicing.

Need a bike storage solution? Get a bike shed.

The Shed Man has five top picks for bicycle and motorbike storage.

Pool Pump Sheds

These sheds are perfect for properties with limited space, and protecting a single bicycle with a few items. They will accommodate two bikes side by side. Ideal if your partner is only a sometimes-rider.

Lean To Sheds

Family bike protection, with room for some additional storage.For a larger family, or a small office if there are a few MAMILs. Excellent for shared use, motorcycles and more.

Lastly, register your bike and check your bike insurance policy.

Many home and contents policies will only cover bike theft if the article in question is stored within a secure storage area inside the property boundary, such as a bike shed or garage. Even if you have bike insurance, it’s no guarantee that you’ll be covered if you leave your bike in the open. Be sure to check the fine print for any exclusions.

In order to protect your bike when you’re not at home, many city councils offer free bicycle registration.

Be sure to browse The Shed Man’s range of storage options. We also offer custom sheds in Perth to suit your requirements. To know more about our custom sheds, click here.

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