What Should You Look For When Buying A Garden Shed?

For whatever reason, you’re determined to buy a garden shed. Now, what? Here’s a pro tip: Before you buy one, decide on the shed size your property can accommodate, as well as the tools and equipment to store. Then, imagine a look that compliments your house’s aesthetics.

Now that you know the ideal size and look of your shed, you’re ready to go shopping! But what else should you look for when buying a garden shed?

Things to Look For When Buying a Garden Shed


What is your garden shed for? Usually, garden sheds are for storing your garden tools and implements, but they can be versatile. If you’re into carpentry, you can turn a garden shed into a workshop, as long as there is space to accommodate a work table and power tools.

Consider if there’s space to install shelves and how easy to move around in it. Also see how easy to get in and out, and retrieve things that you stored. If your outdoor space is large enough, you can even have two sheds – one large one for a work shed and a smaller lean-to shed dedicated to storage. 


You can choose from plastic resin, timber or steel, but do note that timber and steel last longer and are better to paint over if you ever wish to change the colour of your shed. Choosing the right shed colour is important. Quality-grade steel is the most durable material for a shed, in which case check that it has no sharp edges for safety. Ribbed steel is even better because it makes for sturdier walls.

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Practical Design

Sheds are four walls and a roof, but shed designs have improved over time. Look for ventilated gables that allow the free flow of air inside the shed and prevent condensation.

Also, look for sheds with doors and doorways that consider that things will move through them constantly. Sheds that you can assemble on your own now have pre-drilled holes for easy assembly.

Finally, choose a simple yet elegant design. Ultimately, you wouldn’t want your garden shed to add to the clutter when beautifying your garden was why you bought one in the first place.

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