What is a Workshop Shed?

A lot of people use sheds for all different purposes such as a home gym, art studio, tool shed, woodwork room, office, music room, or even some just want a man cave for everything men aren’t allowed to have in the house!

The Shed Man offer a broad range of workshop sheds starting from the smallest size which is 1.83m x 1.85m all the way up to 3.07m x 5.88m. You can find our full range of sizes by clicking the link here. Please note that the dimensions you find are the external roof dimensions. The outer base dimensions of each of our models are slightly smaller.

One of the most popular Workshop that we sell is the 3.07m x 3.09m with a gable height of 2.25m with a wall height of 2.00m. You will find that this model is the perfect size for the modern backyard. An excellent bonus with this Workshop Shed is it is within council regulations of size and height. It is ideal for a setup of a workbench and other tools. If you were to have the addition of storage shelving in this shed, you would find it being a useful part of your home. Click Here

The Shed Man workshops feature a wall height of 2.00m and total gable height ranging between 2.15m and 2.25m depending on your sheds measurement on the gable end.

When it comes to building our Workshop Sheds, we have made them easy as possible to install with our step by step manuals. The recommended tools that are required to build our Workshop Sheds are a cordless drill, tape measure, step ladder, drill bit, screwdriver, multi grips and a hammer drill so that you can bolt the shed down with Dyna bolts (which is what we recommend).

We would highly recommend our professional team of installers for our Workshop Sheds. You will find that some of our bigger models can take some time to build if you have not built one before. With our teams of experienced installers, you will have your new space made in no time at all. Generally, a few hours are all we need to build your shed for you. We charge a fair fee to install our sheds so please do get in touch with us to find out more about our costs.

The Shed Man team can supply your Workshops in DIY kit form. The packaging for these generally includes three long framing packs and two large flat packs. The smaller models are packaged in one long framing pack and one large flat pack. Having everything flat packed enables quick and easy transportation to deliver to you as soon as possible.

So if you are after a space that you can use as a hobby room for your crafts, or a place to have a home gym, tool shed or just a storage area, we highly recommend you look in The Shed Man’s range of Workshop Sheds. If you are short of space, The Shed Man offers custom sheds in Perth within our range to suit your tight or tricky spaces.

If you want to find out more information about these, we are more than happy to talk to you over the phone or email. Our team of experienced professionals will gladly help you with any enquiries you may have. Check out our range by clicking the link below.