Tips for Choosing the Right Shed Colour

Choosing the right shed colour is important – it can make your outdoor environment look more appealing. The wrong colour can make your shed stand out like a sore thumb. A shed should look like it belongs on your property and blends well with your house. Read these tips before going for shed installation in your Perth property.

What should you consider when you choose the shed colour?

1. Does shed colour match the colour scheme of your home?

The general rule is: a shed should match the colour of the structure its closest to. You should match your shed to your fence if the shed is closer to it, otherwise, match it to anything nearer. Opt for a shade or two that’s lighter or darker – to show a little personality.

 2. Will it be the right shade that works well with local weather?

It would be wise to also consider how your Perth garden shed will have the proper insulation in your local weather.  Do you live in a sunny area? Pick a lighter colour to avoid drawing in more heat. Dark shade can be more suitable if you want to stay warm in the colder months.

 3. Will a shed colour look good with the rest of my neighbourhood?

You may want to evaluate your street’s standard colour scheme to see if your chosen shed colour will look well beside the rest of the neighbourhood. Some friendly consultation with your favourite neighbour can help.

man making colour combination for shed painting

The Shed Man shed colours come in classic tones that are suitable for any home colour scheme:

  • Surf Mist is an offwhite shade that’s perfect for summer homes
  • Woodland Grey blends well with modern homes that favour a more urban taste
  • Smooth Crème is easy on the eyes and blends well with a garden or pool environment (also check out our pool pump sheds)