Signs That You Need a Garden Shed


Both casual and hard-core gardeners can agree on one thing: a proper garden shed is a necessary part of one’s yard. More than just another decorative accent, it serves a practical purpose as a storage facility for gardening equipment, various tools for home use, as well as planting materials like seeds, pots, and fertilisers.

While a well-built shed can be in use for many years, wear and tear will eventually take their toll, and one will need to have a new shed built. But are there warning signs that will tell you that you need a new shed?

How do I know if my shed needs replacing?

  • Does your foundation still hold firm? A garden shed’s base is one of the first things owners need to check. Over time, moisture and other environmental factors can warp and damage the base. If it looks unsound and irreparable, it’s time for a change.
  • Is your shed still spacious enough? As with other storage areas in the home, garden sheds will eventually become too full to hold all of your gear. Even if you build in extra shelving, one will soon need to scrap the whole structure in favour of a roomier one.
  • What’s the state of your walls and ceiling? Weather damage – particularly following a storm – is one key reason why some homeowners need to replace their sheds. Storms blow off roofs, shatter windows, and split wall panels. Also: if you find mould or mildew on your walls, see bluish discolouration on wood, or smell a damp reek within the shed, better have the whole thing replaced.
  • Have you checked for leaks? As above, a leaky roof following a storm can be fixed – but only for a while. Flooding also damages your base, so it’s best to do checks ASAP following a major storm.
  • Have you checked for bugs? Infestations are never nice – termite infestations even more so. In which case, it’s best to scrap your entire shed, treat the affected area, and build a new one.

Need a new shed?

The Shed Man is on hand to build a new shed on your premises. Rockingham residents should give us a call at 9592.4290 or request a quote online.