Sheds Perth Installation Guide

Our Complete Installation Service of our Garden Sheds and Workshops.

The Shed Man specialises in the complete installation of our Workshop and Garden Sheds Perth. With 29 years of experience, our small family business is well qualified to deliver a professional, fast and problem-free service by our committed team.

Next, we lay black builders plastic to prevent weeds and water from coming up through the surface. The paving slabs we lay are 500mm x 500mm x 35mm thick. Our installers lay the slabs in a staggered pattern to give the floor extra strength and rigidity.

After the paving slab floor is laid, we build the Garden Shed or Workshop you have chosen from our wide range. The building process can take up to a number of hours depending on the size of the shed. Generally, we will have 2-3 installers working on the job. Our installers are quick, professional and well versed in building our Garden Sheds and Workshops. All of our installers have well over 5 years’ experience in the field. (click here to see our best sellers)

The Garden Shed or Workshop is built from the bottom upwards, starting with the base frame and wrap around corner panels. We then attach all the framing which includes the mid-wall bracing and the top wall bracing. Following this, we clad the walls with our unique profile sheeting. After the walls are built we start on the roof. Using ladders, we work our way down the roof installing each individual sheet from the back to the front. Whilst building the shed we will also install any selected optional extras including skylight panels, windows and personal access doors.

The doors are the last to be attached. The majority of our Garden Sheds and Workshops feature a double sliding door entrance positioned in the centre of the gable end. Our double sliding door systems are internal sliders, hung from the top rail track. Please note a selection of our Garden Shed’s and Workshop include an option of a hinged door system instead of sliding doors.

After the Garden Shed or Workshop is built, we will bolt the shed down to the paving slab floor using Dyna bolts approximately every 600mm around the base. Finally, once the shed is bolted down the installers will run a bead of silicone seal along the inside edge between the base frame and the floor to prevent water from seeping in.

At The Shed Man, we pride ourselves on delivering a consistent and superior product that we have provided to Perth families for over 29 years. The best prices in sheds!