Four Shed Flooring Options Best for Your Perth House

People usually consider the size of their garden shed and how they want their shed to look like. However, they do not think about the shed floor. It is important to consider flooring because a shed floor can protect against damage. It is better to choose a flooring option that can handle anything thrown at them.

Top Flooring Options For Your Perth Shed

1. A Slab

A slab is strong, so it can protect the shed from both moisture and shifting ground. It is permanent. However, it is expensive to lay a concrete slab. People use a slab if the ground is uneven. If you use your shed as a workshop, you might want to consider a slab. It is easy to clean.

2. Pavers

Pavers are robust, wear-resistant. And they can improve the appearance of the shed. However, they are very cold. And they can sink or migrate out of place.

Unlike a concrete slab, pavers cannot take too much abuse. That is why they can get damaged easily, especially when moving heavy equipment across the floor.

3. Heavy Duty Floor

A heavy-duty floor is very strong. It is easy to install it because excavation is not necessary, saving the cost of excavation. It is also easy to move the shed in the future.

It is weather-resistant, rodent-proof, condensation resistant and fire-resistant.

4. Rebated Floor

It is perfect for a shed on level ground. It is easy to install. It is perfect for people who are planning to relocate their shed in the future. It prevents rodents, such as mice and rats, from getting into the shed. And it can prevent water entry.

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