Do You Need a Permit to Build a Shed in Perth?

Installing a shed but unsure if you’ll need local council approval? Still, it would be best to ensure that you follow all regulations to a T, and we’re here to help you sort out all the details.

General Regulations for Shed Building Approval in Western Australia

As a general policy, any shed less than 10 square meters does not need building license approval in WA. Here are the national regulation guidelines: 

1. A shed must be installed behind the prescribed front setback line

It’s the distance between the edge of your property and a structure built within your property: 

  • Sheds must be located to the side of the rear area to comply with the Fire Safety Code of Australia (900m away from other structures). This placement is allowed even if the shed faces a secondary street.
  • Your installation should also not be in the way of vehicular sightlines. 

2. Your shed must be up to code safety standards and built with quality materials that can withstand adverse weather. All stormwater collected must be diverted to an approved draining system.

3. The structure must have a maximum height of 2.4m, and a floor/deck no more than 500mm above natural ground. 

4. The shed cannot be placed in a conservation precinct. For better compliance, consult a Council Building Surveyor. Also, talk to your neighbour if your shed will have reflective material.

Your Council May Still Have Specific Shed Regulations in Place

It would be wise to consult local regulations and submit a detailed plan. Some may still require permits for small sheds.

 For bigger sheds, a building license is needed, to follow a different set of setback rules.

 If you are located in a rural or conservation area, you’ll need planning approval. Floor areas and ridge height have regulation limits.

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