Pool Pump Shed Of All Sizes

A pool pump shed will be pretty helpful if you want to keep your pool equipment, including pool accessories, filters, and heaters, in good shape. 

Since a neat, organised pool space is more appealing than a cluttered one, it must be clear of hazards while ensuring safety for pool-goers, especially children. Therefore, when installing a pool pump shed, you need to consider what size would be best.

The size of your pool pump shed would depend mainly on the size and number of pool equipment that requires storage.

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Small Pool Pump Shed

The advantage of a sturdy shed is that it allows you to keep everything you need for your pool under one roof. For example, a small pool pump shed would be enough to accommodate one large pool filter, chlorinator, and pump. As guidance, a small pool pump shed model would weigh around 55 kg in all. 

Meanwhile, a medium-sized pool pump shed would weigh around 65kg with enough room for a large pool filter, chlorinator, pool pump, and solar heating pump.

Large Pool Pump Shed

A large pool pump shed would be a package that includes not just the pump and other pool equipment but also other things.  A locking storage shed would be ideal for keeping all dangerous stuff out of the hands of young children, as well as keeping expensive possessions safe. 

The large pool pump shed package would weigh around 98kg and fit a large filter, solar heating, four pumps, blower, and others.

Screened ventilation and built-in shelving are all characteristics found in the best large pool pump shelters. You want a shed built of heavy-duty materials, and a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty will provide you with some much-needed peace of mind.

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