List of Pool Pump Shed Ideas

A pool pump shed is important because it protects your pump and your pool equipment, such as pool accessories and heater. It also reduces the noise and protects your pump from intruders, including animals. However, you must choose a pool pump shed that serves the purpose. 

Here is a list of pool pump shed ideas: 

1. Simple Pool Shed

  • Taking care of your pool can keep the pool water clean and beautiful. Do not invest in something expensive to protect your heater, filter, and pump. Use a simple pool pump shed instead. 
  • You can even use a small storage shed to protect the pieces of your pool equipment from weather elements and reduce the noise they make. 

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2. Metal Pool Storage Shed

  • A metal pool storage shed is affordable and cheap to maintain. You can choose a metal box made out of aluminium since it can resist rust and corrosion. 
  • It is easy to find metal boxes with neutral colours, so your metal pool storage shed can improve your house’s appearance. 
    • Large pool shed with storage can give you more space for storage. 
    • Small pool shed is affordable to install and it is cheap to maintain. 

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Pool Storage Shed FAQ:

Is it ok to keep the chemicals in my storage shed as well?

This is a bad idea. Pool chemicals should be stored in a separate area. The oxidation of the metal on your equipment will be reduced as a result of this. The metal parts on your pump, filter, and heater will rust even if your chlorine chemicals are kept in tightly sealed containers.

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