How to Improve the Exterior Look of Your Garden Shed

Your Metal Shed

A metal garden shed doesn’t always have to be about functionality and convenience. Sometimes, it needs a little sprucing up, so it doesn’t look like you don’t use it at all or care to maintain it. And most of the time, it wears off and rusts because it’s metal.

Tips for Improving the Exterior Look of Your Shed

1. Paint It

The most obvious way to improve the appearance of a garden shed is to paint it. You can hire a painter, or you can turn it into your DIY project. The key to match the exterior design or concept of your yard or home, e.g., a farmhouse-style house will best require a farmhouse-themed tool shed.

Still, you need to keep in mind that paint won’t remove or fix the underlying rust. So, before mixing colours:

  • Fix dents.
  • Scrape and sand the surfaces.
  • Treat metals with primers and rust neutralisers.

2. Light It Up

Natural lighting is good but customising the interior and entryway ambiance jazzes up your garden shed. And, it improves visibility in the area as well.

Solar-powered lights and weather-proof floodlights are practical options, while decorative electrical lighting fixtures add personality to your garden work area.

3. Repurpose What You Already Have

Rustic always goes well with garden and tool sheds. It’s because it gives off a stood-the-test-of-time feel, which is something you want for your plants, pots, and garden tools. Here are some ideas:

  • Use old cans of milk as planters.
  • A broken wheelbarrow can be used as a planter or pot rack.
  • An antique shovel can be used as a floor-standing accent piece.
  • An old birdcage can be used to display hanging plants.
  • Broken watering cans also make good flower pots.
  • Deconstructed tables and cabinets can be used as storage.

In Summary

Watching garden improvement videos online or on TV can help you improve the exterior of your garden shed. Pinterest and Instagram provide amazing inspirations, too. However, nothing beats hiring professionals. If you’re keen on hiring experts to do the work for you and are residing in Perth, reach out to us at The Shed Man. We can get the tool shed customisation process moving and done for you in no time.

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