Garden Workshop Sheds

Garden Workshop Sheds
Perth backyards are perfect for The Shed Man’s range of Garden Workshop Sheds. In Perth there are a number of homes lucky enough to have big backyards, always needing more room for extra storage. We recommend a Garden Shed Workshop for all of your storage and Workshop needs.
Our Garden Workshop Sheds range feature a wall height of 2.00m and a maximum gable roof height of 2.25m, which allows you the option of installing tall shelving units for day to day storage of tools, chemicals, gardening equipment, sports equipment and many other items. Other advantages of our taller height Garden Shed Workshops include the ability to use your new shed as a Workshop. Whether it be wood work, welding or even to use as a hobby Workshop there are endless possibilities and uses for your Shed Man.
We have the ability to supply almost all of our range in a taller height giving you the option to select from our huge range of Garden Shed Workshops. One of our most popular sizes in our Garden Shed Workshop range is the 3.07m wide x 4.64m deep x  2.00m wall height x 2.25m gable height. This Garden Shed Workshop features the gable in the centre of the 3.07m end and a heavy duty framing system including heavy duty roof beams running down the whole span of the roof, heavy duty mid wall system and a strong portal frame located just off centre to add extra strength. Our Garden Shed Workshop range are designed to be bolted down using dyna bolts to a concrete or paving slab floor, then silicone sealed around the inside base to prevent any water getting into the shed.
The door system can be positioned to suit your specific yard. Our Garden Shed Workshops are supplied as a standard with double sliding doors on the 3.07m side (gable end of the shed) providing a large total opening of 1.29m wide and height of just under 2.00m. The other option is to have double hinge doors featuring a total door opening of 1.50m. The double hinged doors feature one main door and a dead door which is locked with two pad bolts. The double hinged doors can be placed on the 3.07m side or on the side wall of all Garden Shed Workshops 2.16m and longer. With the larger size Garden Shed Workshops, as these feature portal frame systems the double hinged doors must be offset to the left or right to accommodate the portal frame.
We have a range of extras available to suit our Garden Workshop Sheds. Windows are our main optional extra, with three different window sizes to choose from. Our two larger window options feature a Perspex sliding panel and security grill. The addition of a window will provide you with light and fresh air when using the shed as a workshop. The Shed Man also supply skylight panels as an optional extra which add extra light to any of our Garden Shed Workshops during the day. 
The Shed Man also offer a range of shelving for your Garden Shed Workshop. Our shelving range featuring different size options suit our Garden Shed Workshops with certain shelving units measuring an extra tall height of 1.80m to allow maximum storage space. 
The Shed Man offers a professionally installation service of our Garden Shed Workshops. Our team of installers are fully qualified with years of experience in building our Garden Shed Workshops as well as custom sheds. Our team are able to have your new Garden Shed Workshop installed in no time including securing to an existing floor with dyna bolts. Alternatively we also offer a full installation service including supplying and laying a paving slab floor to secure the Garden Shed Workshop to. 
To organise a FREE onsite measure and quote on one of The Shed Man’s Garden Shed Workshops please contact us today.

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