A Great Foundation For Your Shed Installation In Perth, WA

Before setting up your shed it is important to lay the best quality foundation to provide a strong and durable base for the structure to rest on. In many ways, a successful shed structure starts with the planning stage, even before the foundation is laid. If you want to ensure the strength of the structure, do not rush this part of the process.

Tips for a Great Shed Foundation

The first thing you will have to do before preparing the ground is to choose which type of foundation you wish to build – gravel or concrete.

  1. Compact the ground to make it level and flat.
  2. Use stakes and twine to set out the dimensions of the slab, adding 6 inches to each side.
  3. Dig out about 4 – 6 inches of soil – you may want to go deeper if the soil is very soft.
  4. Using a mechanical compactor, compact the soil firmly.
  5. Line the foundation with a 4-inch thick layer of substrate or gravel.
  6. Build a wooden form mold according to the dimensions of the foundation.
  7. Pour the concrete slab and square it off to make sure it is level.
  8. Check the weather to ensure that you can mix and pour the slab at a time when it can be left to sit for several days to cure.

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Avoid These Mistakes

Structural steel is often the best material option for sheds because of its durability. In order to ensure a successful shed installation, make sure you avoid the following common mistakes:

Failing to Lay the Right Foundation

A poor foundation is likely to be susceptible to varying moisture levels and exposure to damp soil and won’t stand the test of time. Laying the right foundation for your shed will prevent corrosion and structural damage in the future.

The Wrong Design

Ensure right from the start the shed you plan to build will be right for your needs. At this stage, it is important to consider your primary reason for building the shed and future investments. Some of the questions to ask include:

  • What size should the shed be to easily move equipment and machinery in and out?
  • Is there a need for windows and a lockable door?
  • Does the shed need to be insulated?
  • What are the present and future needs for the shed?

Failing to draw up a Correct Budget Estimation

Your budget estimation should include hidden costs that are commonly overlooked such as:

  • Price fluctuations in labour and material costs
  • Design costs
  • Earthworks and foundation costs
  • Building approval costs
  • Labour costs
  • Enhancement and improvement costs

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