Tips for Buying the Right Garden Shed

garden shed

A great garden shed not only provides reliable storage solutions for your tools – but it can also double as a beautiful outdoor extension of your home or landscaping.  Most commercially available garden sheds provide appealing exteriors but are made with unstable materials that could cost you more trouble than they’re worth. You’ll need a … Read more

The Challenge of a Small Shed

small shed

Tiny sheds have one issue in common, and that’s the lack of space. If you have a small shed, chances are you’re fumbling around to find that shovel, screwdriver, or power drill. Many times, you may find yourself piling tool after tool on the limited space of your shed. But that’s not how it should … Read more

The Perfect Storage Solution

Garden Sheds Perth – The Perfect Storage Solution Is storage space becoming an issue for you and your family? The Shed Man has the perfect solution for everyone’s needs. We have a wide variety of sheds in all different shapes, sizes and colours. From your stock standard Garden shed to a workshop that would make Tim ‘ The … Read more

Our Locations

The Shedman have four different showrooms across Western Australia where we show off our range of sheds, suitable for all of your needs, wants and desires. Whether you need just a regular tool shed, or if you want to use one of our workshops to create a space entirely unique for your property such as … Read more