Add A Garden Shed

There are numerous uses for a backyard Garden Shed or Workshop including the following; storing garden tools, lawn mowers, blowers, brooms, power tools, tool boxes, wheel barrows etc.

Children’s toys, seasonal children’s clothing and not forgetting the older kids moving in and out of home always need extra storage space. Seasonal items including your Christmas tree, heaters, air conditioners and BBQ all require a neat storage solution. Sports gear including large cricket bags, golf clubs, balls, bats; kits etc. are also perfect examples of items which can be stored. A Workshop can be used as the perfect workspace or studio for hobbies or as a storage space for any tradesmen and his tools.

These are just some of the endless examples on how you can use the storage, with many other ways to utilise the space.

The Garden Shed is the quintessential answer to storing your garden tools and gardening equipment. Many people use theirs as a Workshop by adding a workbench and pegboard’s, this way you are able to organise a neat and tidy way of storing your garden tools, work tools, barrows, mowers, brooms and boxes. Also utilising shelving to store boxes and power tools is a smart idea.

With the family backyard becoming the focal point of modern Perth family homes, adding a Garden Shed to the yard not only lets you store daily items that would usually be left on the backyard lawn or all packed up and stacked in the patio area, it adds an extra dimension to your backyard space. This allows you to organise playing equipment, toys, bikes, bats, balls and so on, by creating a storage solution for all these items away from the house in a neat and tidy way.

There are many items that are used seasonally around the house. Christmas trees, heaters and free standing fans, just to name a few. These are the perfect place to store items that you will only use a few times a year. By packing these items up and storing them in your Garden Shed they are kept out of the way until you need them again. This means the items don’t take up space in your house or in the cupboards.

Cricket bags and other bulky sporting gear including golf clubs are usually eye sore’s in the house as it is hard to find a place to store these bulky items. Commonly they take up space in the garage or even in the walkways of the house. This is the perfect place for these items that are used only a couple times a week.

A Workshop is the perfect structure used as a workspace for housing your hobbies and using it as a workplace. Many people set up their space with a lathe and other wood working tools which creates a perfect woodworking room. Others set up a spray booth in their Workshop storage with an exhaust allowing them to do spray painting. Some people use their space to display their miniature model train setups. The possibilities are endless.

The Shed Man have had customers who use their Garden Sheds as home gyms, having power hooked up they are able to have a treadmill, exercise bike and weights.

Some people set up fish tanks and others utilise them as a dog house.

The Man Cave is becoming ever more popular with men of all ages setting up a separate space consisting of couches, televisions and fridges. This then becomes a perfect place to watch the football, play video games or just relax.

Ever more popular than the man’s cave is the SHE SHED. This is trending with women all around the world. Ladies set up art studios, music rooms, even a comfortable quiet chill out zone.

Potting Garden Sheds are also becoming ever popular. For people that are into gardening and need an undercover space to pot their plants and store all their tools, a good workbench are a great space to work in.

We offer a huge range of different sized products to suit your individual needs and spaces you have available. We provide optional extras including small and large windows with security grills, skylights and shelving systems to help you get the most use out of your space. If you are short of space, The Shed Man offers custom sheds in Perth within our range to suit your tight or tricky spaces.

We offer a professional shed installation service around Perth and generally can facilitate your installation within one week from ordering.